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Noctilucent clouds
normally form only during the summer, when the atmosphere heats up. They can be found far to the north or south, towards the polar regions. "Normal" clouds reach up to about 10km, but NLC are formed on more than 80km, as high as the auroras. Shining in pearly white, they are quite special to watch. A little magical...

27/7 2018 00:00: This night the NLC get a bit stronger than I have seen for a while. I take my picture at home, just outside of Grimsås. 17/6 2015  00.10: It's not my first NLC for the season, but it's the first strong one. Hard to catch in the light, so close to midsummer.

11/7 2014  23.40: This picture was taken by my brother Tonny at Långtora, north of Stockholm. In my view, it's an extraordinary beautiful NLC picture, well worth publishing even if I wasn't there myself. 24/7 2014  01.00: After landing on Landvetter Airport, coming home from the Alps, I can see NLC:s to the north. The drive to my house takes one hour, but as soon as I get home I bring my tripod, go to the lake and take my pictures. Possibly the most beautiful NLC:s I've ever seen!

27/7 2014: Very beautiful with a light fog over the lake and strong NLC. .7/7 2014, 00.30: During a visit in Kallinge NLC:s appear. Me and my brother Tonny go to Brantafors powerplant, and by the dam we get this picture
30/7 2013: This is the first time I take pictures of NLC:s. They are really beautiful, almost mystical, as the appear in the summer night
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