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3/10 2022: A very short, but strong substorm! I was quite lucky to get it. The picture is taken just a few minutes from my home in Grimsås. Very unusual to get this strong light so far to the south!
4/9 2022: A large coronal hole have produced Kp6, but in the daytime in Sweden. With smaller Kp numbers I go 2 hours to the north, to lake Skagern. There I get
this impressive lightshow! Wow!
5/3 2022: New coronal hole on the sun, producing a Kp5 in the afternoon. That's enough for me to go for clear skies at Askersund, still in the south of Sweden. A substorm picked up before 20:00, producing the best auroras I have seen for some time, and so far south!
10/2 2022: With a Kp 5, I take my car out of rain towards clear skies. I find them
north of Göteborg, on the island of Tjörn. It's a decent aurora, concidering that there is a moonlight. 
15/1 2022: I get awakened just after midnight by a sms from my brother: "Auroras!" Didn't expect this, and with almost full moon! Not this far south! Apparently the Kp reached around 6. Missed the focus a bit on my pictures, sorry about that.
31/10 2021: With a forecasted Kp7 I take a trip to Härnösand, together with a good friend who hasn't seen an aurora. We have good hope, but the CME is late and saturday evening produces nothing. After some reasoning we decide to stay up here for another day and spend one more night in Hudiksvall. The CME arrives on sunday, weaker than expected and towards evening we only get Kp 3-4. First we chase clear skies close to Söderhamn and later we return to Hudiksvall, where the weather is now better. It's there we get the strongest auroras. Still, not what we expected at first but at least we don't go home emptyhanded.
25/11 2020: At last, after more than one year I was able to see an aurora again! This time accompanied by Heini, who had never seen an aurora before. You can guess the joy when this substorm appeared, in the south of Sweden! The picture is taken at the lake Skagern, Kp  4,67.
25/10 2019: It's been very long since I saw a nice aurora now. I go by car to Hudiksvall on friday afternoon and get rewarded with this. But, the aurora is weaker than I had hoped. With a solar wind on 600km/s+ I had expected more. Fun anyway, to visit the north and to see an aurora again...

28/2 2019: It was a long time since I saw an aurora. But this night there was one! Didn't go north, the picture is taken from Grimsås. With a Kp of  around 4 this is quite ok, so far to the south.

7/10 2018: After visiting an astronomical conference in Skellefteå, I stay one more dag up in the north. The forecast is a strong aurora on sunday evening. Well, I don't get dissapointed. It's a beautiful aurora all evening, but just before 22:00 the sky "explodes" into a cascade of green, blue, even white and pink, very strong and fast. This is probably the most beautiful aurora I have ever seen!

24/3 2018: I take a plane to Bodö with a forecast of Kp5. It doesn't turn out that way, Kp stayes mostly at 3, sometimes 4. Anyway, the aurora is quite beautiful, this far to the north. (North of the polar circle)

16/3 2018: Since the solarwind continues, I take my car up to the north on friday afternoon. After an 8h drive I reach Härnösand around 22:00. The aurora is nice, but at 01:00 it really gets going.  I'm glad I persisted, staying outside in the cold, not giving up! This is the best I have experienced in this season.

7/11 2017: Quite unexpectedly, Kp climbs to 7. Even in the moonshine the aurora gets a strong outburst for a short while. It's like in the north! The pictures are taken in Hestra, close to home.

14/10 2017: On saturday morning Dante and me decide to take a trip to the north. The forecast is Kp4, nothing extreme. But the weather should be clear at some places towards the north. We choose Rönnskär close to Hudiksvall, reaching it in the evening. We get what we expect but not more. However, we are happy with  it, a fairly strong and fast moving aurora at its most active period. 

14/9 2017: After rain, rain and more rain, finally an aurora  that I can see trough a hole in the clouds! Kp reaches over 6 and I can test my new camera, Nikon D5600.

4/1 2017: A short visit in Bodø, Norway starts up really bad. Instead of clear skies as predicted, it's cloudy. Instead of a Kp 5 as predicted, there is a 2. I'm starting to wonder if the whole trip will be wasted.  
But as the clouds start to disperse, a nice aurora developes and makes me a lot happier.Then, around 22:30 the sky suddenly "explodes" and I get some magnificent corona pictures.  The aurora is green, white and pink then.


31/12 2016: Instead of the usual new year fireworks I give myself a journey to Härnösand chasing auroras. This time I'm not dissapointed! With two peaks, one hour apart, of a strong, fast moving aurora the evening is a total success!


9/12 2016: Greetings from Gussö outside Luleå in north Sweden! I'm visiting Ulf Jonsson and the first picture shows his house. The aurora doesn't dissapoint, a beatiful lightshow especially in the early evening!

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